Shipping Information

How do I change my subscription shipping address?

To find your subscription, on a desktop and mobile, you'll click the person icon on the top left and then "Login". 

Once you are logged in, click the subscriptions button on the left hand side of the navigation bar

If you do not see your subscription there, please email for assistance


When will my box ship?

Subscription Boxes will start shipping on the 20th of each month.  The last day to buy the next months subscription box will be the last day of the current month

One time products will ship between 2-7 business days post purchase depending on current inventory


How do I find my tracking number?

When your order is processed through the shipping carrier you will receive a tracking number sent via email provided.

If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact us at and we will happily send you your confirmation email again.


Can I buy just an individual kit?

Yes, the information for each product available at the top of each page. You also have the option to buy a subscription kit at full price.


Can I make changes to my order?

You can edit your order before the product is shipped.  If you would like to edit your order email our support at


Do items ordered with my subscription box ship together?

If you purchase multiple individual products they will ship together within 2-7 business days. If you purchase a subscription box and other products they will ship together on the 20th of the month.


Shipping Policy

See our shipping policy here.


Do you ship internationally?

We do offer international shipping via USPS, UPS, or DHL. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout when you enter your address.


I haven't received my package yet. What are the next steps?

If you haven't received your box in the allotted time sent to you via the shipping confirmation. Contact us by email at and we’ll send you the next steps to get you your kit as soon as possible.